How to Turn Instagram Likes Into Sales

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Sure, social media seems great for establishing a brand presence and connecting with community—but can it actually translate into sales? The answer is yes, especially if you follow a few key directives.

Take Instagram, for example: The picture-driven platform has millions of users. But those users won’t do anything with your posts unless you make the information appealing. That means, of course, beautiful, well-proportioned, engaging photos. But it also means something else.

For starters, you need to make it simple and seamless for people to find out what your selling, and to buy those products. That means, of course, easy to find clicks. You also need to show that you’re engaged with your audience—that you can help them solve problems. Translation? Your customer service has to be out of this world on social media, too.

To keep people coming back to your feed, you need to figure out ways to make Instagram special. That may mean contests and giveaways and deals.

Use this graphic to fine tune—or get started with—your successful Instagram strategy.

How to Turn Instagram Likes Into Sales

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