Royal Residencies in the United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace

Palaces and Forts invokes a feeling of Royalty. They are the testimonials of Sovereigns history and royal times of ancient Emperors and Monarchs of the respective countries and states. They tell the tales of regal lifestyles of the dwelling kings and kin. These Royal Residences also hold the innumerable legends, accounts and memories of primal eras.

Though we all live in our own small city castles, which we call home, we still can visit and appreciate the real timeless Royal Castles and Residences in the UK. Countless people reach the UK every year to visit these historic buildings which are open for the civic for certain period.

Here is Infographic by Moneypod, to help you organize the unforgettable visit to some of these Royal Residencies, with little information & the apt time to plan a trip.

Here you can anticipate getting a peek into splendid monarch life and can witness some eerie activities behind the majestic walls.

RoyalRoyal residencies infographic by Moneypod.

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